How to Sell Shoes Using Pull MarketingHi. My name's Heddi. Today we're

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How to Sell Shoes Using Pull Marketing

Hi. My name's Heddi. Today we're talking about how to like promote your company like shoe company using pull marketing. Now the push one is when you're sending out an email and you're doing newsletters and you're doing mailers and you're really irritating. Pull marketing is when you're doing something really really quirky, nice and interesting like hey, what do you thing about say maybe for the shoe company, do you know that every pair mulberry sale of shoes that you donate we will be able to donate x amount of shoes over to some people in whichever company that needs shoes and would you be interested in maybe donating your shoes to us and we can recycle them and create them into new shoes. Something like that that I have just completely made up, now is more like the pull. Because it's like you see that on Facebook well and even like their page, how nice is that. Yeah, I could donate my shoes over there, they can recycle that. That's mulberry outlet york called pull. I'm going to show you a couple of examples. Come with me. So we're looking over at Toms Shoes right now. I really like Toms, you know why because the style's basic the mission's extraordinary. Well, all they're doing, they've got very very simple concept down here, sustainable shoes. This is basically the pull side because you've gone over their website to see what they're doing. One for one, see how your purchase can make a difference, you're going to learn more. That's the mulberry daria pull technique. I want to learn more how a one for one can help something. Ah, we're changing live. They're basically how change will happen. What you can do with shoes, about the giving facts and how they are basically helping the environment. So we're looking over these eco friendly, sustainability, and all the social accounts and everything that links with this. Very very cool, incredibly simple. So you go to the Pinterest account. This is the pull kind of marketing because you've made mulberry handbag outlet the effort to go over to their account. They didn't drag you over there, you went over there. And you now want to look at all their different boards, and all their different very very cool pins and nice designs, nice concept. So you're going to like it, you're going to repin it, you're going to share it, etc. This is now classed as pull marketing again. Right. Because you've made something, this does seem very very nice with the concept of what they're doing with Tom's. And it's basically cheap christian louboutin shoes a one for one. You buy a pair of shoes, they donate. Free shipping to all our customers, blah, blah, blah. Look at, there's 180 odd people would like, is it 180 odd really really like it. And then you're looking down here now, they're doing an event down here over on Google Plus, 2:30 pm on Tuesday. Brilliant and that's going to get going. Now I'm going to be really really interested in going to their hangout, their charity world to hangout. And then you're looking down here, they've louboutin wedding shoes got warehouse sales going on that basically is shoes and eye wear for all around the world. Look at this again, they've got some events and things going on. They're enticing you to come forward. So not only have they got you going now on this but maybe you want to share, you want to comment, you want to like. But now you also want to be involved. So when you're looking at pull marketing like Toms Shoes, what they did, very very simple, really really easy, is we're doing this event on this roger vivier store day. We want you to come down. We're doing like a two for one kind of thing for donation and ah, that's quite cool and nice. Pinterest account, really simple, same kind of concept, pull marketing. Remember push is email, emails, spam, email, horrible. Can't stand it, direct mail it out, trash it. Pull marketing, very nice concept. It's like, but we're doing something really nice and we'd like you to come down to our shoe store because we're doing a whole big sale and we're donating money roger vivier flats to charity water. We buy a pair of shoes from theirs and we'll donate a pair of shoes over to somewhere, third world. That kind of thing. Oh, that's really really nice, it's so heartfelt, your heart goes bum ba bum ba bum. That what's called pull is and that's how Toms Shoes is. Look and see what they're doing if you've got a shoe company and you want to develop it. See what Toms are doing. They've got a really really good series of campaigns. My name's Heddi. Have a brilliant one.

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